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Sarvnaz Alambeigi, painter and documentary filmmaker, studied graphic design at art school and graduated in 1996. She went on to study painting at the Tehran Islamic Azad University and since 1999 has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Iran.

Ms Alambeigi’s documentary films have been screened in museums and at many film festivals in Iran and around the world. The documentary ‘Tomorrowland’, 2016, won an award for artistic achievement at the Spotlight Documentary Film Competition in 2017 and also the award for the international non-fiction film at the Asia Independent Film Festival in Bangalore, India in 2018. It was also screened in many international film festivals such as Kitzbühel in Austria, Bel Docs in Serbia, Bali, Crete and Zanzibar.

The documentary ‘Cypher and Lion’ 2017 about the thoughts and views of Iranian master sculptor Parviz Tanavoli made at the request of gallery10. had its first viewing at the opening ceremony of the grand  exhibition of ‘Parviz Tanovoli and the Lions of Iran’ at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in 2017 and was screened numerous times at the museum and at the International Documentary Film Festival Cinema Verite in Iran and at other festivals.  ‘Cypher and Lion’ has been released in a Parviz Tanavoli tribute pack in March 2021. 

Sarvnaz’s first documentary ‘The Second Room’, 2014, was also screened at many festivals such as Kashish in Mumbai, India and also at the Swedish International Film Festival. At the Madrid International Short Film Festival it was nominated for the best producer of a foreign language documentary and for the best music.

In 2013 Sarvnaz Alambeigi was accepted with the support of IMS at an exchange program for Middle Eastern female documentary filmmakers at the Danish Film School and in 2018 she attended a course in documentary filmmaking in England, Bosnia and Germany.  Since 2017 she has been a member of the International Women Filmmakers and a member of the European Women Filmmakers.

The making of Sarvnaz’s new feature length documentary ‘1001 Nights Apart’, an Iranian-German production, took from 2016 until 2020. During the film’s development, the project was selected for Hot Docs Dealmaker in 2018 and the Hot Docs Forum in 2019, which take place alongside the Hot Docs International Film Festival in Toronto. It will be aired by a number of international TV networks from 2021.

In 2020 her first novella, There Between Two Worlds, was published in Iran by Etefagh Publishing.