Hazem Harb | Biography


Born in1983, Tehran, Iran


Bachelor of Arts in Painting 
Art & Architecture Faculty, Tehran-Iran                                              2002-2006


Solo Exhibitions 

2018 - back , fist . ,Etemad Gallery,Tehran,Iran

2016 - The Negative posi - tive space,Etemad Gallery,Tehran,Iran

2013 - Notes by a Carbon Paper, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran                                                                

2011 - baudrrduab, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran                                                                                

2010 - burda, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran                                                                                        


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 – Group Exhibition, Etemad gallery [Negarestan], Tehran, Iran

2018 – The 10th Annual "Montakhab-e nasl-e no" Awardees, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2017 – The 7th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial, TMOCA, Tehran, Iran 

2016 – Precious Fragments, CAP Kuwait, Kuwait.

2016 – the possibility of event, A Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2016 – com(e)pass, Hinterland, Vienna, Austria

2016 – 2ND ICAB The Culture of Peace, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

2016 – EXTENTION.IR: Tehran, Capital in Capital Letters(Curated by Homayoun Askari Sirizi), Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2015-This is just an image(Curated by Lila Nazemian),RedBull house of art, Detroit,USA

2015-MOP CAB (shortlist exibition),Dubay,UAE

2014 -Ghaza(Curated by Amirhossein Bayani), Niavaran Cultural Center(NACF), Tehran, Iran           

2014 - Ja be ja, Azad Gallery and Unpack Studio , Tehran/Toronto, Iran/Canada 

2014 - Happiness(Curated by Saeed Ensafi),Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

2014 - Zoo(Curated by Iman Safaee), Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran    

2014 - Short Stories, Dar Al-Funoon Art Gallery, Kuwait City, Kuwait     

2013 - Open Source( Merxout Project), Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran,                         

2013 - 4th facade video festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria                                              

2013 - 4th Guanlan International Print Biennial,                                                
Guanlan Original Printmaking Base,Shenzhen, China                                                                                                           

2013 - Speak Your Peace, SOMARTS Gallery, San Fransisco, USA                          

2013 - Endless (Curated by Farid Jafari), Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran                        

2012 - SCOPE Miami, SCOPE Pavilion, Miami, Florida, USA                                  

2012 - The 5th Bejing International Art Biennale, National Art Museum of China,  Bejing, China

2012 - Group painting exhibition with Iranian contemporary artists,                              
 Museum of Contemporary Art, Ahwaz , Iran                                                               

2011 - OCCUPY ME! (Dedicated to RADIOHEAD), Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran             

2011 - Contemporary Istanbul, International Art Fair Center, Istanbul, Turkey                  

2011 - 13X18 Portraits, Etemad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran                                      

2011 - TV (as Curator & Exhibitor), Mohsen Gallery ,Tehran, Iran                              

2010 - Self Portrait 2, Mohsen Gallery & Silk Road Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran                    

2010 - Obligator Military Service, Mohsen Gallery , Tehran, Iran                                

2008 - Tehran Real and Virtual, Aran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2007 - Montakhab Nasle No, Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran                                         

2007 - Memorial of Ferdowsi, Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran                                          

2005 - 1st Drawing Biennial of Karaj, Karaj, Iran                                                              

2005 - Opening of Art & Architecture Faculty Gallery, Tehran, Iran                                   

2001 - 50th Visual Art Conservatory, Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran                          



2015- ART OMI International art residency ,NY,USA

2015-Culture Runner & Red Bull house ,Detroit ,USA



2012 - Mesocity, University of Tehran, School of Architecture, 
in collaboration with ADM Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture Paris                             


2010 - Burda Series” No.30 Eye’s Album, Mahriz Publication,Tehran, Iran                         



Awards And recognition:

2017 – First prize award, The 7th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial, 

2015 – Shorlistd for MOPCAP Award

2013 - Top Ten selected by the Jury, Facade Video Festival of Plovdiv,