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4 August - 30 October - 2014


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Kamran Sharif, Mohamad Rahimi, Ramtin Zad, Shantia Zakerameli, Mohammadreza Sharifzadeh, Fereydoun Ave | Summer Show | Etemad Gallery-Dubai

7 July - 4 August - 2014


Kamran Sharif , Mohamad Rahimi , Ramtin Zad , Shantia Zakerameli , , Mohammadreza Sharifzadeh , Fereydoun Ave



Mohamad Rahimi | Once Upon A Time

Private View: 27 May
27 May - 6 July - 2014

Etemad Gallery-Dubai proudly presents Once Upon a Time series of
paintings by Mohamad Rahimi. Rahimi's imagery resembles the earliest
surviving visual works of caves and murals and by the virtue of this
resemblance he explores forgotten corners of his own past. While he
coincides his own memories and the image's past he examines human
condition in various aspects of Iranian contemporary public culture.

Mohamad Rahimi



| Sculpture Exhibition

Private View: 17 March
18 March - 17 May - 2014


Simurgh is an installation inspired by the story of Simurgh, the immortal mythical Iranian bird. In the book, Conference of The Birds by Attar, a number of birds decide to migrate to Qhaf Mountain, the highest point in the universe, where they meet and be ruled by the sovereign bird, Simurgh They take on this difficult journey with only thirty of the birds surviving the passage. When the final survivors see their own reflection in the water, they see Simurgh and realize that together, they are Simurgh. The story plays on the word Simurgh that could also be read as a blend of the two Persian words “Si” and “Murgh”, meaning thirty birds.
What happens next? What made them the ultimate bird was the longing to search for a great purpose, now that they’ve reached their ideal highest point, if they stop progressing and developing and at some point flying are they still Simurgh? The installation is a dinner table with thirty dishes, with one bird standing in each dish, feather plucked, headless, decorated, soulless decaying flesh who is about to hit their expiration date.
March of The Exhausted is a portrait of women trying (at the cost of exhaustion and being tormented) to maintain the ideal and accepted image that society values about women. These fatigued feet are the feet of women who are walking towards a promised land. They know that they will gradually fade and decline; yet they try to maintain their youth and beauty. The attempt to keep their balance on the hemispheres has worn them out and weakened them. They all walk towards one common destination-heaven.



Mohammadreza Sharifzadeh | A Woman’s Face in the Crowd

Private View: 29 January
29 January - 13 March - 2014


Etemad Dubai is pleased to announce A Woman’s Face In the Crowd, an exhibition of new photographs by Mohammadreza Sharifzadeh for his first solo exhibition in the UAE.

For Sharifzadeh, women in Iran are pioneers who embody the profound and gradual change in the current value system. Gradually coming out of oppression, they are adopting deconstructive modes of thinking and moving towards a return to the authentic. Throughout history, we have and continue to witness the unequal struggle between the dominance of matriarchal ruling systems at the cost of female hegemony.

Using digital photography, painting and calligraphy, this series is a continuation of previous works that were censored when presented in Iran last year, and akin to other examples of censorship in Iranian art history. These works show the images of women informing the social sphere of contemporary Iran and are continually being informed by it.

Mohammadreza Sharifzadeh was born in Tehran, Iran, where he continues to live and work today. In 2011, was awarded a PhD in Philosophy and Art for The Science and Research University, Tehran. His interdisciplinary education includes degrees in Graphics and Architecture, and he recently joined as a faculty member at the University of Art and Architecture, Tehran. He has had solo exhibitions in Tehran, Paris, Kiev and Frankfurt.
He is also the recipient of major art awards in Iran.

Mohammadreza Sharifzadeh



Raana Farnoud, Ramtin Zad, Ali Golestaneh, Vahid Sharifian, Mohsen Ahmadvand, Bijan Saffari, Shahla Hosseini Barzi, Mohammad Hamzeh, Fereydoun Ave | PAPER WORKS: 10 ARTISTS curated by Fereydoun Ave

Private View: 18 November
18 November - 14 January - 2014


A short history of paper:

In the beginning there was no paper, so artists employed the use of stone, clay and parchment. They then began using handmade paper from natural fiber-pulp, which later transformed into the use of industrial paper made from wood. Today, paper is made at industrial scale and from almost everything.


A very short history of “works”:

To work at something is to obsessively discover its possibilities and its limitations. To mark it, to fold it, cut it, crumple it, destroy it and remake it. To create a love and hate relationship with it.


An even shorter history of this exhibition:

I work predominately on paper and have selected artists who have come out of the direct scholarship of Bijan Saffari, who taught a large selection of modern Iranian masters of today and are from the Decorative Art School from the 1960’s to post-revolutionary generations like Ahmadvand, Sharifian and Zad who all work on paper.



Fereydoun Ave

Tehran, 2013

Raana Farnoud , Ramtin Zad , Ali Golestaneh , Vahid Sharifian , Mohsen Ahmadvand , Bijan Saffari , Shahla Hosseini Barzi , Mohammad Hamzeh , , Fereydoun Ave



Etemad Gallery | Summer Holidays

1 August - 1 October - 2013

Etemad Gallery-Dubai | Summer Holidays

Etemad Gallery



, Katia Kameli, Ymane Fakhir | Pierre qui Roule…

Private View: 29 April
29 April - 31 July - 2013



Etemad Gallery Dubai is pleased to announce Pierre qui Roule… a group show presenting the works  by Fayçal Baghriche, Katia Kameli and Ymane Fakhir. This is the first commercial presentation of these internationally recognized practices in the United Arab Emirates.

In confronting and challenging cultural expectations related to the Maghreb, the photographs portray a world characterized by transition and indeterminacy. Here, concrete blocks, pedestal cakes, offices transformed into site of prayers, and diverse ephemeral constructions are depicted in modes that invite a plurality of readings to emerge, leaving viewers uncertain as to the specific locations of photographic recording. While works by Baghriche and Kameli’s articulate contrasting spaces, which oscillate between ocean and office, in order to elaborate the emergence of an intermediary “non-space,” Ymane Fakhir’s abstractive compositional logic examines objects unrooted from their initial contexts.

The exhibiton is guest curated by Julia Marchand.
*image credit: Ymane Fakhir, Socle 8, 2011, Printed on premium paper mounted on Dibond, 100 x 100 cm, edition 2/5

, Katia Kameli , Ymane Fakhir



Shohreh Mehran | Defaced

Private View: 18 March
18 March - 23 April - 2013


Shohreh Mehran’s paintings on view at Etemad Dubai, are portraits of anonymous people which the artist has produced over the last three years. These paintings are based on studies of the gestures of resistance and defiance. They are permanent records of the ‘faceless’ individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. We have become accustomed to seeing such images repeatedly in the media, when criminal offences take place because of the modern culture of sensationalisation that surrounds crime and its subsequent punishment.

Born in Iran in 1958, Shohreh Mehran is a painter and a graphic designer who graduated with a degree in Graphic Arts from the Tehran College of Arts. Often communicating by absence rather than presence, Mehran’s images capture and distil contemporary Iranian scenes and people, particularly in the urban and social context of Tehran.She has exhibited widely in Iran and her works have been shown  in  Middle Eastern region and internationally, including Sharjah Biennial 10 (2011), Iran Today, Brigitte Schenk Gallery, Koln (2010) Artspace, London (2007), Signature Gallery, Munster, and at the United Nations in New York (2000).

Shohreh Mehran



Salar Ahmadian | From Past to Present

Private View: 14 January
14 January - 12 March - 2013


From Past to Present is a survey of recent works by Iranian artist Salar Ahmadian for his most extensive solo exhibition to date in Dubai.


A closer look at the works of Salar Ahmadian reveals that he is more than a just a calligraphy artist as he delicately reinvents this traditional technique as a complex weaving of text, colour and form on canvas.  Although acquainted with the subtlety of traditional Iranian calligraphy, Ahmadian’s use of bright, bold colours are more akin to painting, which gives his works harmonious compositions.


Born in Iran but currently living in Canada, Ahmadian has exhibited in the region and internationally at Georgetown Gallery, Washington, USA, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, USA, Chelsea Gallery, London, UK and La Palais Oriental, Montreux, Switzerland.


Image credit: Salar AhmadianUntitled, 2011, Oil on canvas, 150 x 200 cm

Salar Ahmadian



Sheree Hovsepian | Column

Private View: 5 November
5 November - 6 January - 2013

Etemad Gallery invites you to the first exhibition in Dubai of Iranian-American artist Sheree Hovsepian.


The exhibition's title Column lends its formal aesthetics from the classical architectural definition and it also draws parralles between how structures are built and the build up of imagery that occurs through a photographic process.


Born in Isfahan, Iran, Hovsepian currently lives and works in New York where she has spent the last decade exploring the ways in which photographic images form a relevant discourse around form, sculpture and materiality. Sheree is also concerned with mark-making and ideas around 'the artist's hand' or 'touch' which is often a result of the creating process. The cross-disciplinary relationship between art and science is evident in her works as her photographs present a documentation of the abstract remains of her somewhat experimental approach.


The exhibition, divided into three parts: Sleight of Hand, Haptic Wonders and Bronzes is a survey of recent photographic and sculptural works by the artist. Sleight of Hand are abstract photographs developed using multiple exposures whilst Haptic Wonders are photograms – photographic images made without the camera being present, but are results of placing objects on light sensitive material – in this case photographic paper.


Bronzes are usually associated with antiquity and traditonal sculptures dating back centuries. Here, Hovsepian's six pieces are abstract columnar figures cast in bronze.


The gallery will also host a press view for the exibiition on 8 November 2012, between 7-9pm where the artist will be present to answer any questions.


Please contact for any further questions or image requests.


*image credit : Sheree Hovsepian, from Haptic Wonders series, 2012, C-print

Sheree Hovsepian



Saeed Farahani | Painful Memory

Private View: 15 October
15 October - 3 November - 2012

Etemad Dubai

Gallery 2


Painful Memory brings together seven recent neon works by emerging Iranian artist Saeed Farahani for his first exhibition in Dubai. Farahani’s fascination with the use of neon as an artistic medium arises from a nostalgia for neons signs in Tehran which saw its popularity boom across the city’s landscape during the sixties and seventies. These neons heralded modernity and were a symbol of the technological advancements that had begun in the country at the time.


Aesthetic asides, these neon signs are also reminiscent of a ‘painful memory’ for the artist as a young child, as their destruction and removal during the revolution saw these cultural institutions shut down, with some of the signs removed whilst others flickered ‘on and off’ only to be finally switched off for good.


For further information about this exhibition/media enquiries contact:

Saeed Farahani



| Collage Tales

Private View: 10 September
10 September - 15 October - 2012



Collage Tales by Iranian photographer Arman Stepanian has been extended until 4th November 2012 in Etemad's main gallery space

In this new Untitled series, Stepanian incorporates black and white as well as colourful symbols of people, animals and landscapes super-imposed onto a somewhat staged studio setting. Stepanian does not create a direct narrative in these photographs but invites the viewer to form a new narrative from experiencing the works. This could be a shared memory or experience or a trigger for a past event.


For his solo presentation at Etemad Gallery Dubai, Stepanian will present eleven large format collage photographs whose subject matter are in his signatory fragmented narrative style based on Iranian history of folklore and story telling. This presentation of recent works Stepanian conicides with Art Nights at Alserkal Avenue which opens on 10th September 2012.




| mise–en–scène | An exhibition of emerging Iranian Art

Private View: 4 July
4 July - 28 July - 2012



Etemad Gallery Dubai is delighted to announce its summer group exhibition, mise–en–scène which brings together works of several contemporary emerging Iranian artists working in a variety of media. These artists are showing for the first time in Dubai showcasing the burgeoning contemporary art scene in Iran that is often unfamiliar to people living outside of the country. The works on display vary from painterly practices to more experimental use of photography, sculpture and moving image. 



| The Line of Life

Private View: 28 May
28 May - 30 June - 2012


The Line of Life positions the works of Turkish artist Gulay Semercioğlu as a firm implementer of an expanded definition of drawing. For her first solo exhibition in the UAE, Semercioğlu has created a unique language of colourful lines which she continually explores by using non-Art materials: wire, wood and screws. 


The artist laboriously assembles these wires together and creates a myriad of lines that are sensitive to the changes in light. Her approach is akin to Minimal Art whose artists where interested in creating art objects that did not have the representational function of traditional art but produced objects that are abstract, anonymous in appearance, and have a strong material presence.


Born in Istanbul in 1968, Gulay Semercioğlu studied BA Painting and MA in Social Sciences at Mimar Sinan University. Gulay has run independent art spaces and taught extensively in her native Turkey. She has had six solo exhibitions in Istanbul and has participated in group exhibitions in international cities like Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York and Zurich.



Ramtin Zad | Resurrection

Private View: 30 April
30 April - 23 May - 2012



Resurrection is a selection of new paintings and sculptures by Iranian artist Ramtin Zad.  Born in Tehran in 1984, Zad’s artistic career started at an early age but his style and approach is mature for his age.

He transforms his thoughts into dream-like landscapes of small and large-scale paintings and has recently began to produce monumental vases more akin to the decorative arts, but also drawing on the Japanese theatre movement of Kabuki.

Ramtin Zad



Kamran Diba | Good News Bad News No News

19 March - 24 April - 2012



Good News Bad News No News is a presentation of recent works by Iranian artist, Kamran Diba, whose career has spanned over forty years. Diba started his career in the 1960’s and although influenced by abstract expressionism, Iranian culture and civilization heavily influence his works.

For his solo presentation at Etemad Gallery, Dubai, Diba will present signatory paintings that are abstract replicas of newspapers where news topics are abstracted, colour coded and images are painted in black and white.  A screening room of Broadcast News will accompany the exhibition.


Private View | 19 March 2012


*The artist, Kamran Diba will be present in the gallery from 6pm

Kamran Diba



| I can imagine you without your home

Private View: 20 February
20 February - 8 March - 2012


I can imagine you without your home, is the debut exhibition in the UAE by Palestinian artist, Hazem Harb. This exhibition brings together a unique body of work, which explores the artist’s first hand experience of the on-going conflict in his native Gaza. Harb is interested in how the invasion of private space manifests itself in the psyche of people who experience conflict, in other words, the cognitive manifestation of conflict. He brings to the foreground, the human conditions in these situations, highlighting what is left behind through photography, film and mixed media installation.




Mehrdad Mohebali | Mr Passive

Private View: 17 January
17 January - 13 February - 2012



Merhdad Mohebali's paintings tell stories about human interaction and the mundane nature of daily life, which he captures in a timeless manner, similar to Dutch master paintings. He depicts scenes that at first glance seem familiar, but on closer examination, the characters are poised in a mysterious manner with facial expressions and body language deep in thoughts unknown to the viewer.

Mohebali's traditional painterly style draws on a classical approach in painting that documents his contemporary surroundings in vivid colour tones that are defined by shadows cloaking parts of the work. This traditional technique of Chiaroscuro, using light and dark tones, makes his composition exceptionally complex and delicate. His paintings are layered into a textual composition of many ideas and open to the viewer's interpretation. It is for the viewer to look at these specific scenes and take from it what they see as a 'message'; equally the works appear as a sublime landscape of people. His artistic career can be summarised as a documentation of the conditions of living in Iran. 
Through his art, he is able to articulate the ongoing issues of traditional versus modern, young vs old, West versus East and the effects these conflicting views have on the individual.

Mehrdad Mohebali has shown extensively in Iran and internationally and his works are in several prominent private collections.

Mehrdad Mohebali



Sadegh Tirafkan | 0611

13 November - 11 January - 2012

Sadegh Tirafkan's practice focuses on recurring themes that deal with identity, gender, and conflicts that have occurred throughout history. Although these concerns can be seen as specific to Iran, Tirafkan's works, in their subject matter and composition, transcends locality, as these concerns are shared universally.



Sadegh Tirafkan



| Middle East Middle Kingdom

7 September - 15 September - 2011

Gallery Etemad brings a controversial wave of Chinese Art to the Middle East with an amazing show named 'Middle East, Middle Kingdom' featuring the works of: Gao Brothers, Qiu Jie, Hung Tunglu, Han Bing, Liu Dao.




| Mist

1 June - 15 June - 2011

Etemad Gallery is pleased to present “Mist”, a solo exhibition by Turkish artist, Mehmet Ali Uysal, and his first show in the Persian Gulf. Uysal, a multimedia artist, will display his self-portrait photo on canvases that are haunting and compelling.



Shahriar Ahmadi | Recent Works

2 May - 11 May - 2011

Ahmadi’s work has previously been exhibited at Etemad in Tehran as well as in China, Switzerland, the UK and Kuwait.  His recent works exhibition is the second show to be hosted at Etemad’s new Dubai space in the Al Serkal Avenue within Al Quoz. 

Shahriar Ahmadi



| New Wave British Art Today

14 March - 1 May - 2011

New Wave British Art Today, a group show features the works of Tasha Amini, Tom Ellis, Dan Perfect and Petroc Sesti.

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